Veos Digital has been funded in 2020 as part of the Veos Group S.p.A.

Veos Digital is operating in software and Artificial Intelligence algorithms production for a sustainable future.

We create digital products (mainly Software as a Service) by consulting and advisory Companies on relevant topic as Artificial Intelligence and efficiency.

Our internal research & development Laboratory actively contributes to the fundamental and applied scientific communities by publishing papers and creating open-source repositories in the field of machine learning.

We position business, software development and research in a virtuous cycle.

We research and develop intelligible solutions and the interaction between biological and artificial intelligence for a sustainable future.

The creation of usable and effective custom digital systems allows tackling impactful realworld applications

Machine learning algorithms are created, developed and tested on applications & realbusiness scenarios

The generality of fundamental research allows for finding fresh and unique solutions hardly reachable through the standard development process