Elevate your Business with our Artificial Intelligence solutions

The power of AI

Data collection and analysis are not a new activity in Business.

What is different now is that information with business relevance are no more limited to standard economics, but they span from words to images to customers mood. Considering the increased amount and diversification of data, analysis accuracy becomes essential.

AI gives data a new shape, detecting connections and details humans can’t see. It enables all stakeholders to understand them and transform them into business actions.


Recommendation Product

If you have something to sell you have something to recommend. Especially nowadays people are overwhelmed by many information and choices, so companies have to assist their customers in choosing the best option for their needs. 

We created the agnostic recommendation system that can be used as a service with a simple API (Application Programming Interface) integration.

We transform recommendations into cognitive support. 

Veos Digital recommendation system is: 

  • Adaptive: It provides a dynamic recommendation shaped real-time on users, adapting autonomously and exploiting smart analysis of collectivity and human behaviors. 
  • Beyond Cold Start Problem: it avoids it using historical data in a limited way.
  • Agile: New users and Items are quickly integrated. Training time is minimized as VAE leads to lower computational costs.

Brand perception

Are your values understood by your customers? Which are the feelings your brand provokes?

You can read every single comment, post, mention, review that involves your products. Or you can ask AI to do it.

Explore it with our Natural Language Process for Business API and share your values with your customers.

Image segmentation

We are in the era of images and business communication cannot leave aside visual contents, that need to be shaped on the contest and its specific need.

AI is the ally for image segmentation, highlighting and separating all significant areas of any image.

It accelerates the creation of relevant visual content, with high quality standards.

Text Keywords Extraction

Customers’ feedbacks, opinions, and comments are precious now more than ever. Through text exploration AI can speed up the analysis of language data, giving back information about topics, tone, and emotions.

Moreover, it is a powerful tool to understand similarities among users, which leads to a higher knowledge of your customer base composition and preferences.

Explore it with our Natural Language Process for Business API and generate new experiences for your Clients.

Text summary

To make your business relevant online and offline it is necessary to have a quick response to the market and an agile presence on social networks.

If you want to generate a post or a comment, but the time to check all the sources is limited, AI can speed up your marketing activities. It summarizes any text you or your marketing department need to be aware of or may want to get inspired by.

Explore it with our Natural Language Process for Business API and make your customers inspired by your words.

Example Use Cases

Classify e-mails

Analyse and automatically classify thousands of daily email to help your Customer Care reply priority.

Growth your e-commerce sales

Recommend to your e-commerce customer the next right item to purchase.

Press Review

Generate a daily Press Review of relevant articles for you and start your day by taking action and not only reading.