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The power of AI

We are quite an eclectic bunch of guys. We like Artificial Intelligence and we love music, so merging these disciplines was a natural consequence.


Music education: chords extraction, instrument track separation and BPM definition

Applying AI to music it’s possible to analyse and interpretate any audio file. This allows to detect chords and separate tracks starting from an audio (wav, mp3) file and estimate the BPM (Beat Per Minute) as well.

This simplifies sound engineers and producers life, as well as the struggle of all people that would like to know how to play their favorite song with just an API (Application Programming Interface).

Lyrics exploration

Lyrics exploration is a powerful tool to understand the meaning of songs and navigate through similarities by different Artists.

How many songs of your Catalogue are about love, joy, pain, fear?

Explore it with our Natural Language Process for Lyrics API and generate new “mood” playlists for your Clients.

Latent Space exploration

Through images analysis and exploitation of Constrained Variational Autoencoder algorithms, AI processes videos and generates sound spectra, consistent with it. It leads to the creation of a latent space that reflects the images atmosphere, browsable by the composer.

This technique enlarge artists possibilities to feed their inspiration and to combine music with images thanks to our API (Application Programming Interface).

Content’s Recommendation

We are immerse in a digital world with an enormous number of content. It is hard to orient in a similar context.

The Recommendation API (Application Programming Interface) is able to suggest the right content (more generally, item) to engage the user in a longer journey through the product’s consumption. The behaviors and preferences of the user himself are the trigger to generate a coherent recommendation.

Composers’ dopllegangers

The compositional style of every artist can be learned and represented in mathematical high-dimensional vector spaces.

Starting from a symbolic corpus, AI is able to learn how the musician organizes its phrasing (compositional context), and manages it in time (performance context), figuring out the compositional and playing style. It leads to the generation of mid-term original compositions and real time question and answer impromptu with the composer.

This open new scenarios for live performances and artists interpretation.

Example Use Cases

Show chords in your application

Analyse chords, genre, BPM, tonalities of audio .wav file and show them to your Customers.

Search your catalogue in an easiest way

By understanding the lyrics and analyzing video to get description frame per frame.

Engage your Customers

With relevant content and maximize Customers satisfaction.