We are pleased to announce a new partnership with
The goal is to provide a wide range of services for citizens’ wellbeing and create an inclusive, human-centered future.


Veos Digital’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities are a strong asset to enable use cases for citizens and municipalities with a major focus on sustainability and engagement.


Nowadays, cities cover approximately 2% of the Earth’s surface, host 50% of the global population, represent 75% of the energyconsumed and 80% of the carbondioxideemitted.

If we want to keep Earth alive, we have to change our cities.


Movens is an open-source software ecosystem for mobility that easily enables privatecompanies to integrate with municipalgovernment to bring innovative solutions tailored on user needs and requests for a more sustainablequality of life.

We believe that mobility platforms should be open source. Only in this way shared and free knowledge will boost sustainable growth to a better, more ethical society.


For additional info send an email to press (at) veos.digital