Human expression is based on words.

Companies that want to get insights about customers’ feelings, to make internal processes more efficient, and to speed up information flow can rely on AI NLP analysis.

As all Veos Digital AI Products, Veos Digital NLP Suite is suitable for all companies that want to implement service build with a scientific cutting edge approach.

Keywords Extraction

This is also known as named entity recognition. It consists of automatically detecting specific information in a text, such as names, companies, places, and more.

Keywords are not the most used words in the analyzed text, but they are the most relevant considering the general sense.

Main applications:

  • Pre-defined features extraction within a text, such as product models or e-mail recipients.
  • Keyword extraction for having a general overview of the content of a text. It can add an extra layer of insight, by telling you which words customers use most often to express opinions toward your product or service.
  • Text extraction for data entry, pulling out the information you need and set up a trigger to automatically enter this information in your database. 

Zero-shot classification

Text classification, a text analysis including also sentiment analysis, automatically understands, processes, and categorizes unstructured text.

Considering a general text, never analyzed before, zero-shot classification automatically tags your data in just seconds, using predefined categories and applying your own criteria.

Categories can be also general and abstract, as the model understands the text’s general tone.

Main applications are:

  • Customer support services, to quickly detect what customers’ requests are about. 
  • Marketing activities, to quickly understand customers’ feelings and reactions. 
  • Communication activities, to have insights about main topic mentioned in a text.

Text summarization

It summarizes text, by extracting the most important information.

It is an abstraction based summarization, which creates new phrases paraphrasing the original source, going through vast amounts of data. 

Main applications:

  • News Content
  • Products information papers
  • Legal documentation



Our system is RESTful APIs based. It’s a standard adopted by many Software producers to provide applications to Third Parties.

Simple integration

Zero maintenance

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