Get value from financial data with Enterprise AI solutions

The power of AI

Artificial intelligence can help your business understand the data of your company and your customers. Data is the new oil and algorithms are capable of extracting value from data automatically.


Spending behaviors & Cashflow management

Thanks to PSD2, it is now possible to receive all transaction information and understand a customer’s buying behaviors and economic needs.
Through the network and thanks to AISP (Account Initiator Service Provider) and PISP (Payment Initiator Service Provider), it is possible to automate the flow of transactions necessary for cash management.

This prevents the Bank account from going out of funds, giving the financial autonomy in managing the investments.

Anomaly Detection

It identifies unexpected data points deviating significantly from expected behavior. Only anomalies are shown to users – reducing the cognitive load and allowing them to tell the signal from the noise.

It can be applied to data with high quality and one of the measurements within the data contains sufficient information to reveal the anomaly, such that a human operator, given sufficient time and skill, would be able to unearth it.

It can be also applied on data set whit a new key variable to the mix – time.  In many applications, they are vital for representing the normal behavior of a system.

Example Use Cases

Forecast the next Stock price

Analyse and forecast trading prices to execute your strategy.

Define your Client’s spending behaviours

Use Artificial Intelligence to analyse user’s behaviours and forecast the next transaction.