Energy Management made easy

Manage the energy consumption of a full building

Digiwatt Building allows to connect to PV panels, EV charging stations, HVAC systems to monitor all the electricity production and consumption in a commercial or residential building.

Artificial intelligence is a superpower

Digiwatt Building’s algorithms are capable to optimize energy consumption in order to save money and pollute less.

Energy management as a Service

Digiwatt Building technology is available for utilities providers, real estate builders, in a white-label model as a single touch point between you and your customers.

NILM, Non Intrusive Load Monitoring

Data extracted from Digiwatt provide insight into what is happening in a home from an electricity perspective.
This information is important in order to optimize electricity production, improve the level of service to the Customer, and increase engagement.

Demand Response Ready

Implements demand response policies through Digiwatt.
The information analyzed enables the implementation of timely electric demand management systems for the users involved, ensuring economic incentives for participants.

Gamification of the Energy

Gamification is also possible using Digiwatt. The data allow you to indicate precise actions to reduce energy consumption and pollution. The user then actively participates in the energy transition by saving money and acquiring conscious behaviors

Anomaly Detection

Digiwatt can identify ongoing electrical anomalies within a home.
The anomalies are reported and help reduce household accidents.