Industry 4.0 is characterized by intelligent factories where humans and connected production systems interact in the cloud. Automated structures and digital enablers allow machinery to communicate with each other and with the factory systems as a whole, through IoT configuration.

Artificial intelligence has brought a further evolution in the pattern of the operation of industry, shaping a new form of interaction between man and machine.

AI set a new way for production plants to work and imposed new standards of competitiveness on the market. Only companies embracing AI change will be able to reach these new targets.

Anomalies Detection & Production Optimization

Production can be optimized by AI-driven manufacturing systems from several points of view, monitoring:

  • Consumption
  • Performance
  • Quality standards

This gives insights to decision-makers about supply chain optimization, environmental impact on performance, and product design.


AI can definitely change how we interpret data. Foreseeing what’s going to happen with the highest confidence level help companies to be prepared for:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Spare parts management
  • Specific requests from customers

The benefit will be trasversal among different departments, such as Service dept., Purchasing Dept., Logistic.

Data Visualization

Having all these insights and answers is not enough. The aim is to provide transparent information, in order to make them accessible for all people that need to have a clear vision of the whole picture.

Scientific base

As always our AI services are based on strong and strict scientific patterns. For industry 4.0 we build our products on:

  • Time series analysis
  • Unsupervised Machine Learning technique
  • Parametric Machines