AI Products

Beyond theory: we test our machine learning algorithms on real-world applications and business scenarios

AI Advisory

Out of the echo chamber: the generality of fundamental research allows for finding fresh and unique solutions

Our Approach

Veos Digital Products and AI services are suitable for those companies and decision-makers that strive to gain data-driven insight and maintain control. We believe It is time to move beyond the idea of AI as an omniscient black box.

Our AI framework is explainable and constantly growing. Explainable AI enables inspection of business and industrial processes and allows you to deep dive into your data. Then, you can focus on strategy and reduce time-consuming activities.

Machine learning

Principled big data analysis

Mathematics for explainable AI

Our Work

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An AI engine able to extrapolate a +12 hours energy price forecast

Finance & Banking, Machine Learning

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Yalp: the Swiss knife software for musicians, powered by Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Music

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EnerTech and Teon, connected sustainability with heating systems

Energy, Machine Learning, Trading

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Lead recommendation to boost sales funnel

Machine Learning

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Smart Metering and Artificial Intelligence for a greener world


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Anomaly detection for an international manufacturing Corporation

Energy, Machine Learning, Manufacturing