We create Artificial Intelligence based products for internal needs and as consultant/advisor for external Clients.

Background We were contacted by Teon, an innovative company that produces extremely energy-efficient heat pumps.Teon’s proprietary systems extract heat from natural resources such as groundwater, soil, or air and transmit it to the heating system, thus being fully sustainable. However, these extraordinary heat pumps could not be operated remotely by technicians for maintenance, nor their […]

Product overview Yalp is an application for musicians: just search for a song, get its chords and separate its tracks. Additionally, you can improve your skills by learning from online bite-sized lessons. Every month, hundreds of thousands of musicians generate millions of pageviews to play and learn music through the www.yalp.io website. Example of playback […]

Case study An Italian Energy Trader approached us to model the oscillations of the energy price. Result We implemented and trained a Recurrent Convolutional Neural Network for a notable Italian Energy Trading company to forecast the sign of the oscillation of the price of energy on the market with 70% accuracy. The training has been […]