What is a Renewable Energy Community?

Renewable Energy Communities (REC) are a group of people that cooperate to share energy on a local scale.
Can also be defined as a way to “organize” collective energy actions around open, democratic participation and governance and the provision of benefits for the members, or the local community.

To reach the European Green Deal target, in Italy, we need to create a large number of Renewable Energy Communities*:

  • 2025 → 30K+ (24 REC per day)
  • 2030 → 100K (30 REC per day)

*Energy Strategy Group Politecnico – Energy Community 18.03.21. ENEA forecasts before 2050, 264 million EU citizens will become energy prosumers.

Our software solution

We create a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the Energy Community powered by AI and a mobile application as a single touchpoint for final users to engage householders in virtuous behaviors, save money, and reduce carbon emissions.

The platform is also available for the Community Manager to administrate members and connected devices.


Our solution contains a full set of features, just to mention:

  • Datastream ingestion
  • Energy consumption fingerprinting
  • Appliance identification (non-intrusive,  no additional sensor required)
  • User clustering
  • Energy consumption forecast
  • Reinforcement Learning for recommendation
  • Connect IoT devices
  • Remote manage connected devices
  • Anomaly detection
  • Self onboarding
  • Mobile app for Users