We are very proud to share this fundraising official statement. The M&A operation and the fundraising has been completed between July and September 2020.

Veos Digital, an Italian Company focused on Artificial Intelligence, has raised €0,5 million from Veos Group S.p.A. – https://www.veosgroup.it.

The firm produces software solutions and Artificial Intelligence algorithms for sustainability. Its digital products stem from internal needs, fundamental research results, and collaborations of consulting and advisory nature with Clients.

Founded in 2020, Veos Digital was born from the merger of two companies (Namilab and LamaLab) respectively operating in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Software Development.

It is a very positive period for those who deal with Artificial Intelligence as we do–says Simone Geravini, Chief Executive Office and co-founder —we are very happy to join Veos Group because we strongly believe that our skills and competences are the right answer to the challenges that the future puts in front of us.

Given its drive towards innovation, Veos Digital hosts a research Laboratory–led by Dr. Mattia G. Bergomi–that actively contributes to the fundamental and applied scientific communities by publishing papers and creating open-source projects in the fields of machine learning and mathematics.