Smart Metering and Artificial Intelligence for a greener world

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Client: Confidential

Industry: Energy

Year: 2022

Artificial Intelligence can be used to lower the energy bill up to 20%

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Case study
An Energy Utility Company started offering tools to save energy

Although it might seem counter-intuitive, offering customers the opportunity to save money on their bills is a great value of transparency and an act of hope for a more sustainable future.
The technology we have developed allows us to reduce electricity costs on the bill by up to 20% thanks to a smart meter and our artificial intelligence algorithms capable of disaggregating consumption and identifying which appliances require power.
The process is accomplished in a non-intrusive way, without "sensing" the appliances.

The electricity company has decided to provide this technology to its customers by allowing them to become aware of their consumption through a mobile app, in order to guide them to more conscious behavioural choices without disrupting their lifestyle.